For much of my life, I have tended to look down. Literally. It is my typical mode for processing thoughts and feelings, or other information. As if I am going to glean some revolutionary idea by staring at the ground. Such a result may have occurred a few times…or not.

The point is, people would walk by and tell me I looked “consternated” or “pokey-faced”. Not a pleasant sight. In times of real distress, I am fairly certain I looked downright scary.

After I took the challenge to “look up” (see Part I), I began to learn a few things:

  • A whole lot of times, what one sees when looking up is more pleasant than looking at dirt. Even on cloudy days. Especially on cloudy days. Unless you like looking at mud.
  •  It is very difficult to frown when you are looking up. Try it yourself. Or watch people at the park. It’s uncanny.
  •  Too much looking down sculpts a double-chin into everlasting stone. Perpetual frowns don’t look good on anyone.

All true, but seriously, there is something about looking up that lifts the heaviness, blesses the heart, and calms the soul. I have taken to this practice over the last several years and sure enough, I feel better.

Even in the worst of times. Even in the most excruciating times. I look up and I feel lighter. This is a mystery I do not necessarily seek to solve. It is okay that I do not know why.

I cannot say how such a “shallow” piece of advice has morphed into a practice that I cannot survive without.

Looking Up

I lift my chin

I look to the heavenlies.

I go on–

with a little more peace;

a little more strength

than I had

the moment before.