…or happy. I don’t know. The word happy is a little disappointing. It just doesn’t cover it all. This photo does make me happy, but it’s more than that. So I looked up the definition to see if I could get any closer to the reality of my reaction.

I can’t say that I really know firsthand what it feels like to have such a response to liquid spirits, but surely it is close..or better, perhaps? You tell me.

I feel light. Giddy. Relaxed. Like dancing. Like flying. Still, it goes deeper. Down into that part of the soul which yearns for the knowing there is something good about carrying on–that there exists a beauty powerful enough to excite me in a surprising way.

I didn’t really expect this photo to turn out so well. It was dusk, a little gray outside, and frankly, in a patch of dying flora debris. Yet, here it is.